Kramo Bone Amma Yeanhu Kramo Pa icon

Meaning and significance

Kramo Bone Amma Yeanhu Kramo Pa means “the bad muslim makes it difficult for a good one to be recognized.” It is a symbol of warning against deception and hypocrisy. This symbol is also called “Papani amma yeanhu kramo,” which means the abundance of good men made it difficult to identify muslims.

Solomon’s knot (a Celtic knot) is just about the same as “Kramo Bone…” According to Ancient Symbols, Solomon’s knot can be found in most major civilizations albeit with different meanings. They also say that because the links in the knot have no beginning nor end they should represent eternity or immortality; and because they are intertwined they should represent love. This is a sharp deviation from the Akan interpretation of the symbol which emphasizes a comparison of the two links. Whichever interpretation of the symbol in the Akan you choose—whether papani… or kramo bɔne…, the emphasis in Akan is the similarity or contrast between the two links.


  1. The meaning of the symbol was taken from The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis.
  2. The image of the symbol was taken from

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