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How to pronounce Akoma

The meaning and philosophical significance of Akoma

Akoma means “heart,” and it is a symbol of love, goodwill, patience, faithfulness, fondness, endurance, and consistency.

Though the heart shape is a universal symbol representing love, it is also an Adinkra symbol with a slighty different meaning. As an Adinkra, the heart shape represents patience and tolerance.

In Akan, “Nya akoma,” literally “Get a heart” means take heart–be patient. Conversely, one who is impatient is said not to have a heart: “Onni akoma.”

Akan proverbs on patience

Se wonya abotre dwa ntetea a wo hu ne nsono Hwimhwim adee ko srosro


  1. The meaning of the symbol was taken from The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis.
  2. The image of the symbol was taken from the Kasahorow Adinkra Library.

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