This project on Adinkra symbols and Akan proverbs is an exciting adventure through various aspects of Akan culture. It has been a pleasure sharing the discoveries with others.

Adinkra are visual symbols, usually in black and white, that represent proverbs, aphorisms and popular sayings of the Akans. Though the symbols are still important in Akan culture, they have also received global recognition, expanding their use beyond imprints in cloth for ceremonial events.

Here, you will find a collection of notes and facts on Adinkra symbols from various places. The research uses various resources: books, websites, radio and TV broadcasts, and discussions with others. Special thanks to the Kasahorow team for sharing high quality images of about thirty Adinkra symbols through the Kasahorow Adinkra Library.

You will also find some Akan proverbs in Twi with English interpretations and other commentary here. The proverbs reveal the philosophy of the Akan people, who are a heterogeneous mixture of various ethnic groups.

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