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The meaning and philosophical significance of Abode Santann

Totality of the universe or the vast expanse of creation. A symbol of the totality of the universe–natural and social creation. From the expression, “Abode santann yi firi tete, firi Odomankoma; Odomankoma boo adee; oboo awia, osrane ne nsoromma, oboo nsuo ne mframa; oboo nkwa, oboo nipa, na oboo owuo. Ote saa daa,” to wit, “This panorama of creation is from time immemorial, from God; God created things; he created the sun, the moon, and the starts, he created water and the wind; he created life, he created human beings, and he created death. He remains the same.” According to Arthur, the symbol incorporates the eye, teh rays of teh sun, the double crescent moon, and teh stool. The sun, the moon, and teh eye depict natural creation by a supreme being while teh stool depicts the socially created institutions and teh creativity of human beings.


The meaning of the symbol was taken from Cloth as Metaphor by G. F. Kojo Arthur.

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